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6 Tips for Hosting a Great Cookie Exchange

December 8, 2018

As the holidays approach, many of us are already smiling in anticipation of the delicious Christmas baking. Often, though, our enthusiasm for cookies, squares and other treats collides head on with our time-crunched schedules. Who has time to bake a variety of treats for the holiday season? So what’s the solution? A cookie exchange, of course!

Cookie exchanges are a brilliant solution to this dilemma. Bake one monster batch, and in return, receive lots of holiday baking variety. A cookie exchange works well among friends, at work, or in place of a gift exchange. Below is our advice on hosting the best-ever cookie exchange.


1. Planning and invitations

First, create a guest list of between 6 and 12 people. This will ensure a good variety of treats while still being manageable to host. When you invite your guests be sure to ask them to RSVP as the number of confirmed guests will impact the number of cookies each person needs to bring. And finally, make sure your guests let you know of any food sensitivities or allergies. Our favorite tools for sending invites and managing RSVPs are:

Evite – Great themed templates and guest-list management.
Paperless Post – Gorgeous stationery-style invitations that come in a variety of themes.
Facebook Events – Great tool for communicating with guests after invitations are sent.


2. Encouraging variety

A cookie exchange would cease to be helpful if everyone showed up with gingersnaps! That’s why it’s a good idea to make an effort to avoid too much duplication. After you gathered information on food allergies, send this information to your guests and ask to let you know what they plan to bring.


3. Recipes

Ask your guests to email you copies of their recipes in advance of the event. That way, you can compile the recipes into a nice holiday-themed booklet. A charming take-away that your guests can continue to enjoy long after the cookies are digested.


4. Containers

By asking your guests to bring their own re-usable containers to take their cookies home in, you can avoid needless waste or having to supply reams of Ziploc® bags.


5. Setting up

On the day of your event, clear a large table for people to place their cookies on. Have cards prepared, and ask people to write their name and the name of their recipe on a card. Be sure that the cards don’t get separated from their associated treats!


6. Serve a festive beverage

We think a cookie exchange is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a festive holiday beverage such as mulled wine, eggnog or apple cider. Yum!


Last but not least – what will YOU make?

After all this planning, you have one last, very important task. What holiday treat will you make? Jill Snider has amazing baking suggestions to share in her new book, Bake Something Great! Appropriate for both novice and experienced bakers, this book will be sure to inspire you. And, the wide variety of ingredients, from fruits and nuts to spices and chocolate, mean there is something delight and tantalize everyone!




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