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Easy Valentine's Day Decorating

February 5, 2018

"Why take the time for napkin folds? A table set with carefully folded cloth napkins simply makes your guests feel special. Napkin folds certainly add style to the table, but they also warmly evoke the personal touches of another time — one when attention to every detail prevailed over convenience.

As a longtime professional caterer and food stylist, it’s my job to pay attention to the little details that make a big difference. But there’s no reason why you can’t do it at home, too. While the popularity of napkin folding comes and goes, I refuse to see it as a lost art. Spend an hour or two with this book, and you can easily teach yourself a number of folds that will help you create a table that is timelessly elegant, retro-funky or up-to-the-minute chic.

And, if you think napkin folds are only for cruise ships, consider this: adding artfully folded cloth napkins to your tabletop will delight your guests, cost you nothing extra and eliminate disposable paper napkins from your repertoire, greening your entertaining style. How’s that for modern? Like a handwritten thank-you note, napkin folds might be less common than they once were, but they’re always noticed, always appreciated and always in style.

This sweet fold is perfect for Mother's Day and Valentine’s Day, but it’s also welcome anytime you’re making a meal for those you love. The Heart fold works well in medium- to heavy-weight fabrics with small to medium prints. It’s pretty in solid colors, too. Iron the napkins with spray starch before you begin, and gently press them again after folding to help the heart hold its shape. A delicious cookie place card, a handwritten card, or a small wrapped present would be a great topper for this fold."

Why not celebrate your loved one(s) in style?

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Click on the attachment below to see how to create this fabulous napkin fold!

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