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Looking for easy dessert ideas? Piece of Cake!

December 18, 2017

Nothing beats the smell of fresh home baking over the holidays! And, nothing could be easier than a one-bowl cake!

One-bowl cakes are the forgotten gems in the world of home baking. You can bake a decadent, delicious and all-natural cake with common pantry ingredients almost as quickly and easily as with a cake mix.

Making cakes with the one-bowl method is as much, if not more, about what isn’t required as what is:

• you don’t need multiple bowls

• you will not need to cream the fat (e.g. butter, shortening or oil) with the sugar

• you will not need to separate the eggs

• you will not need to alternately add ingredients while simultaneously mixing

• you will not need to use cake flour or any other fancy flour

• you will not need to sift flour

• you do not need to own or use a heavy-duty stand mixer


You will be able to create a multitude of cakes everyone loves to eat, from classic layer cakes and Bundt cakes to old-fashioned cakes and modern innovations. The ever-popular lay-flat concealed wire-o hardcover binding, with full color throughout, makes this book even more appealing.

Camilla Saulsbury hopes Piece of Cake! inspires home bakers everywhere to bake a plethora of delectable cakes in almost no time (with almost no clean up)!  She even includes baking tips, a list of key ingredients (and what they do), and what equipment to have in supply to help you get the best baking results, no matter which recipe you choose! As a bonus, she offers recipes for homemade cake mixes, including vegan and gluten-free options.

These cakes can be prepared in almost the same time as it takes to make a cake from a mix, but the results couldn't be more deliciously different. In addition to the 175 cake recipes, there are over 50 recipes for icings, glazes, syrups and sauces.



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One-bowl cakes are the forgotten gems in the world of home baking — so we’re bringing them back

Many home bakers believe there are only two options for making cakes at home: 1) commercial...

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