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Ten Tips for Good Nutrition During Pregnancy

January 20, 2011

1. Follow the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) MyPyramid Food Guide or Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating for food choices and meal plans.

2. Don’t be afraid to eat the recommended amount of calories for each trimester or to gain the recommended amount of weight.

3. Continue taking a prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement each day with at least 1 mg of folic acid and 15 mg of zinc, especially in the first trimester and throughout your pregnancy.

4. Eat a diet rich in fiber so you feel full but don’t feel constipated.

5. Consume at least 3 servings of calcium-rich milk products each day.

6. Be sure to drink 12 cups (3 L) of fluids every day to keep well hydrated.

7. Include plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, especially in the third trimester.

8. Be careful not to consume excess amounts of vitamin A — more than 10,000 IU can contribute to fetal abnormalities.

9. Avoid fad diets.

10. Enjoy your food! Some women find food more flavorful, not at all nauseating in pregnancy.


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