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Throw a blender cocktail party this New Year's Eve!

December 27, 2018

New Year's Eve is finally here! The perfect time to kick back and enjoy a cocktail party. Blenders are a wonderful tool at the cocktail bar. They chop ice with ease and blend it into frosty concoctions. They allow you to infuse your drinks with fresh or frozen fruit and use frozen juice concentrates to great effect.

Rich, sweet cocktails made with ice cream or sorbet widen and simplify your dessert repertoire. You can spike vegetable or fruit smoothies and pretend you’re being health-conscious. The blender opens up the world of cocktail innovation like nothing else.

Invite friends over for a blender cocktail party this holiday weekend. Stock your bar and buy some seasonal fruits and various liquors, ice creams, sorbets and fruit concentrates, then try some of the drinks from 400 Blender Cocktails by food and drink experts Andrew Chase, Nicole Young & Alison Kent.

Expand your repertoire with original drinks developed in blender cocktail contests with fellow enthusiasts. Most important, enjoy yourself. Blending cocktails isn’t a science and shouldn’t be made into an art — it’s just plain fun. And, isn't that what the holidays are all about? 


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