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Top 7 Kitchen Tools Beginning with the Letter 'S'

December 15, 2018

Top 7 Kitchen Tools Beginning with the Letter 'S' (why? because we can...)

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1. SCISSORS: Are two blades better than one? For a lot of chores, scissors are faster and easier than knives. More, much more, on this later. [Guess, you'd better buy the book for more...]

2. SCRAPER: So much can be done with this flat, flexible metal rectangle with a handle: scrape dough from a work surface; transfer food from the cutting board to a measuring cup or skillet; sweep peelings off the counter into a compost bin; smash garlic cloves; level flour in a measuring cup; cut bars, brownies or butter; divide or score dough; create chocolate curls; press the last bit of icing out of a piping bag; sweep leftover food off plates on their way to the dishwasher; scrape burnt pans. Metal scrapers with a ruler printed on the blade are handy. Avoid the plastic ones.

3. SERRATED PEELER: The serrated peeler removes the fine skins of tomatoes, peaches, kiwis — even bell peppers. So say goodbye to blanching. And is the wee store label stuck to the fruit? Use a serrated peeler to get it off.

4. SKIMMER: Never mind the slotted spoon — use a skimmer. It has a long handle and a wire basket or metal net. It comes in small, medium and giant. The traditional Asian ones with bamboo handles are called spiders. Skimmers strain, lift and transfer. Extract a pile of fries from oil or dumplings from stock. Blanch a series of vegetables in the same pot. Strain (without draining) pasta. Get a fine-mesh skimmer to clean the scum off stock.

5. OFFSET SPATULA: This spatula has a long, narrow, thin metal blade with a dogleg at the handle. It’s also called a baker’s spatula, and comes big and small. Sure, it’s great for spreading icing, but you’ll find many other uses for it: loosen around the edges of a casserole, baking dish, cake or loaf pan and extract the first piece; flip a crêpe; smear spread on a wrap or sauce on a pizza; gently tilt a roll in the oven to check how browned the bottom is.

6. SPRAYER: You can’t have too much spraying action. Get the retractable-hose sink sprayer and the spraying faucet attachment, too. Clean. Rinse. Cool.

7. STOOLS: A cheap plastic stool will get a good workout every day. Kick it across the floor to the spot below the cupboard you want to explore. Alleviate backache by resting one foot on it as you work at the counter. If you’re short and holding the electric hand mixer at a tedious angle, step up on the stool and look down into the bowl instead of fighting arm cramps. For serious climbing and stability, you’ll also need a folding step stool.

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