Articles & Recipes

Pulled Beef with Stout Sandwiches
This simple slow cooker dish is a fantastic alternative to the usual pulled pork. It’s deeper and richer, and delicious straight up or piled onto soft buns or fresh biscuits. If you don’t want to use stout, substitute stock or broth — or use apple juice and reduce the sugar by half. More »
Beans, Beef and Biscuits
Topped with hot biscuits, this hearty mix looks as good as it tastes. Serve with a tossed green salad for a fabulous family meal. More »
Beef & Wild Mushrooms in Stout with Champ
In Belgium and France they would call this rich beef stew cooked in beer a carbonnade. It would probably be accompanied by good crusty bread and butter. Kathleen's Irish roots demand mashed potatoes with green onions and butter, and that's called champ. Perfect for a comforting weeknight warm-up! More »
Easy Ham and Clam Jambalaya (kid-fav)
This simple one-pot dinner won’t win any haute cuisine awards, but it’s mighty good on the family dinner table. More »
Nachos Grande
Perfect for a casual gathering and piled high with flavor, this variation of the nacho is served in many eateries throughout the Southwest. This plate of goodness — crispy chips layered with melted cheese — is garnished with fresh tomato and olives. More »