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1 in 5 have symptoms of IBS
 IBS is poorly understood despite the fact that researchers know it affects approximately 20% of the population in some capacity. Twenty percent! One in five people will suffer symptoms of IBS. This is an extraordinary proportion of the population with this condition, say  Dr Maitreyi... More »
10 Simple Steps to Living Better with IBS
Why Another Book on IBS? According to Dr Alvin Newman, author of  The Essential IBS Book, "A quick spin through any large bookstore or a visit to will quickly reveal that there are many books on the topic of irritable bowel syndrome. After all, this is a very common illness,... More »
Lactose Intolerant? Tips on Increasing Calcium in Your Diet
For lactose-intolerant individuals, the experience of enjoying delicious meals without a tell-tale rumble from their tummy can be a rare event. They can’t imagine sitting down to eat without having to have at least some special foods, as well as having to pass on tempting dishes reserved for others... More »
Managing and living with irritable bowel syndrome
Living with IBS can be a tremendous challenge, and understanding the disease is the key to developing effective management strategies. Dr Maitreyi Raman, Jennifer Shrubsole, and Angela Sirounis are the authors of The Complete IBS Health & Diet Guide, a highly informative book that  ... More »
Have PCOS? Cut down on the carbs...
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a complex hormonal disorder that is characterized by a variety of symptoms, such as ovarian cysts, menstrual cycle irregularities and infertility. It is one of the most common hormonal disorders in women, yet many women are not even aware that they have PCOS,... More »