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Easy and healthy slow cooker recipes!
On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, it’s extremely gratifying to be writing an introduction to this revised edition of my first book The 150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes. The book has been extraordinarily successful, selling about 400,000 copies and garnering many favorable comments from... More »
Can Aromatherapy Help with a Cold or the Flu?
     Common Cold & Influenza "Handling money and shaking hands are easy ways of picking up illness. This is because you transfer the infection or virus to your mouth or nose when you touch your face—and most of us are unaware of how often we do that.  If you take... More »
What Home Herbal Remedy Works for Colds & the Flu?
 "Nature still has just as many effective remedies today as it did in times gone by — effective against all sorts of diseases, as well as the unpleasant side effects of our modern life, such as stress, exhaustion, and listlessness. Even science has come around to acknowledging the positive... More »
Why Should I Try Home Herbal Remedies?
People’s interest in gentle, low-cost remedies is getting stronger all the time. Alternative medicine, medicinal plants and herbs lost their frumpy, hippie image a long time ago. And people who are interested in natural health today certainly don’t want to embark on a boring ideological argument... More »
A to Z of Children’s Health
There has been an enormous increase in the amount of information at our fingertips since the growth of the Internet and, more recently, social media. The majority of parents in North America now have access to medical and parenting advice at the click of a mouse or with the touch of a fingertip. So... More »