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Baby Signing with ASL
American Sign Language (ASL), first designed for the hearing impaired, is the most common sign language taught to babies and toddlers.The ability to sign enhances learning and may lessen frustrations by allowing babies to communicate before they can talk."Your child has been communicating with you... More »
Guide to Second-Year Developmental Milestones
BY 18 MONTHS, YOUR CHILD Understands• Follows simple instructions (“Show me the teddy” or “Give me the cup”)• Can point to three body parts when asked• Understands more words than he can say• Knows the meaning of “no” and shakes his head Expresses• Uses at least 10 words or word attempts (“... More »
Prepare Siblings for a New Baby
Based on alterations in your behavior or routines, as well as discussions they may overhear, children, even young ones, tend to know when any significant change is occurring in their lives. You need to prepare them for the arrival of a new member of the family. Besides, they should be included in... More »
Feeding Your 2- to 4-Year-Old
As your child passes the age of 2 years, the experience of eating becomes more rewarding ~ and challenging. Feeding skills continue to improve, which makes mealtimes less messy (although not exactly mess-free). As children become more independent, they are less willing to accept the purely passive... More »
Guide to Introducing New Homemade Baby Foods
Here are a few tips from The Toddler Care Book by Dr Jeremy Friedman, to help you convince even the most stubborn toddler to try something new:• Make the new food look appealing and interesting. Be creative - try different colors, shapes, and sizes. Give it an interesting name, such as "broccoli... More »