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Having an Oscar Party?
Denise Vivaldo, author of The Entertaining Enclyclopedia, says: "Academy Awards night is big deal at my house. Friends come over and I cook a lot of food. We drink Champagne, and we watch the show all day and all night. The next day, we have an 'Oscar' hangover from watching for so long. (It couldn... More »
Interested in Making Your Own Baby Food?
Article by: Judy Creighton, The Canadian Press New parents seeking alternative food choices to processed baby foods showed so much support for a Canadian cookbook published six years ago that the Toronto author has come out with a second edition. Blender Baby Food: Over 150 Recipes for Healthy... More »
Send in a Picture of Your Favourite Best of Bridge Recipe & You Could Win a Free Set of Books!
We thought we'd shake things up a little this Easter. How? By offering all you (Canadian) Best of Bridge fans a chance to win a set of Bridge books! What do you have to do? What you're already going to be doing – cooking up some terrific recipes...then, you simply have to to share the photos with... More »
Nutrition for Our Best Friends... Our Dogs
After having watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show earlier this week, I started thinking about just how/what we feed our best (furry) friends. So, I thought I'd turn to Better Food for Dogs for a little advice:"Humans and canines have been closely conected throughout their mutual histories.... More »
Ten Tips for Good Nutrition During Pregnancy
1. Follow the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) MyPyramid Food Guide or Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating for food choices and meal plans.2. Don’t be afraid to eat the recommended amount of calories for each trimester or to gain the recommended amount of weight.3. Continue taking a prenatal... More »