Articles & Recipes

Philly Cheese Steaks (diabetes-friendly)
By using whole wheat rolls and topping the steak with more vegetables than usual, you can really boost the fiber in this delicious and comforting sandwich! More »
Cheddar-Corn Impossible Pie
When you think there’s nothing in the house for supper, or when relatives suddenly appear for Sunday lunch, here’s the answer. The flour mixture in this vegetable-packed dish magically forms a very thin tender base for its zesty custard filling. Serve with chili sauce or bottled salsa and a cabbage... More »
Caribbean Adzuki Bean Stew (vegan, gluten-free, soy-free)
Astringent adzuki beans are ideal for pitta and kapha. They are cool and light, so we’ve warmed them up and grounded the energetics a bit with allspice, cinnamon, ginger and sweet potato for vata. These beans are still a little rough for a sensitive constitution, so vata should eat this stew in... More »
Jamaican Fricassee Chicken (diabetes-friendly)
Fricassee chicken is another recipe that is typically cooked with the skin on, and the whole chicken is usually used. Avery Chin, a great Jamaican chef, shared this fantastic recipe with us, and we’ve reduced the fat by using skinless chicken thighs and drumsticks and by draining off the oil after... More »
Southwestern Pork Stew (diabetes-friendly)
Here’s a great-tasting one-pot meal that is best made a day ahead to allow the rich stew flavors to blend. It also freezes well. More »