Articles & Recipes

Blackberry Lemonade
When blackberries are in season, garnish liberally with them; otherwise, rely on frozen blackberries to make cocktails and garnish with a secondary ingredient. The ideal summertime beverage! More »
Golden Blue Margarita
Looking to make the gang something different this summer? Treat them to one of these delicious cocktails! Blue curaçao, which is flavored with bitter orange peel from the Caribbean island of Curaçao, can give cocktails a beautiful hue, especially when combined with other ingredients. More »
Mango Lassi
'I had never had mango lassi until I came to the United States, but it is a favorite in restaurants now. I prefer to use canned Indian mango purée as mangos are seasonal and only the sweetest fiber-free ones should be used.' -Suneeta Vaswani More »
Cinnamon Pineapple Creamsicle Smoothies (raw, vegan, gluten-free)
This sweet, tasty treat is full of flavors that will make you remember the days when you went running for the ice cream truck when you heard its bell. More »
Roasted Summer Fruit Smoothie (kid-fav)
What a refreshing, healthy treat for your children and you — enjoy one today! More »