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Herbed Quinoa Deviled Eggs
 Herbed Quinoa Deviled Eggs Quinoa contributes a delicate sesame flavor and a toothsome texture to traditional deviled eggs. Replacing the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt lightens this into a healthy snack and adds another layer of flavor.   Makes 8 appetizers   4  ... More »
GF Quinoa and Vegetable Summer Rolls
Summer rolls are quintessential Asian appetizers: easy to eat out of hand and perfect for pairing with a variety of beverages. Here, they get a spa makeover with vibrant vegetables and nutty quinoa as the filling. Lime juice, garlic and hot pepper flakes add great kick to the dipping sauce. More »
Tofu Quinoa Scramble
 The key is to incorporate healthy food into our meals day by day. The nutty flavor of a quinoa salad soon becomes more enticing than a plate of fries. We still hear the siren call of a favorite take-out food, but we soon find the satisfaction of healthy foods instead.     Tofu... More »
GF Black Bean Quinoa Chipotle Chili
Author of 500 Best Quinoa Recipes, Camilla Saulsbury, is sure no one will ask, “Where’s the beef?” when sampling this incredibly delicious gluten-free vegetarian dish. Simmering hearty black beans and quinoa with onions, garlic, herbs and spices creates a wonderfully complex chili that’s finished... More »
Mini Crab Quinoa Cakes
Earthy quinoa is the perfect foil for lemony crab. This sophisticated starter is deceptively easy to make, and the layered flavors will impress your guests. More »