150 Best Desserts In a Jar

Now you can enjoy this incredibly popular restaurant trend at home.

Whether it’s a beveled antique jar you’ve picked up at a flea market or that classic Mason jar at the back of your kitchen cupboard, any jar is a sparkling, creative and beautiful way to prepare and serve divine desserts. All of the sublime recipes are single- serving treats, which makes them the perfect ending to your next family meal or dinner party. They’re so charming and pretty, they make the perfect gift, and they stay fresh and travel well, so they’re the perfect make-ahead option.

Andrea has developed an astonishing array of recipes that are loads of fun to make — everything from puddings and cobblers to pies and cakes. And because the jars allow for freezing or setting in layers, you get incredibly beautiful colors and textures.

The “From the Fridge” section includes all your favorite ingredients, such as fruit, chocolate, Jell-O and creams. The “Warm and Comforting” chapter offers custards, cakes and bread puddings. And the “Deliciously Different” chapter features innovative and inspired recipes.

Serving and sometimes preparing the desserts in a jar lets you get creative — whether you’re going for funky or traditional — and you’ll discover useful information on choosing the right type of jar, along with helpful baking tips and techniques. The two dozen color photographs provide all the inspiration you need to make your next dessert an event.

Andrea Jourdan has spent over 25 years in Europe honing her skills when it comes to both traditional and modern cuisine. she has published several cookbooks and is also a food writer, a television personality and an innovator of web gastronomy.

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