150 Best Diabetes Desserts

Sumptuous dessert recipes that anyone managing diabetes can enjoy.

Everyone needs a sweet treat from time to time, and those living with diabetes are certainly no exception. Desserts can occasionally be enjoyed as part of a sensible diabetes meal plan.

150 Best Diabetes Desserts delivers a rich array of satisfying desserts that will appeal to everyone -- not just those managing diabetes. The full range of recipes includes muffins, loaves, scones, biscotti, cookies, bars, squares, brownies, cakes, pies, tarts, crisps, fruit desserts, and chilled and frozen desserts.

Some of the delicious desserts included are:

  • Sunrise zucchini muffins; streusel apple muffins; sweet potato muffins
  • Maple walnut biscotti; chocolate chip orange biscotti; oatmeal pecan shortbread
  • Cranberry pecan oatmeal cookies; double chocolate raisin cookies; peanut butter fudge cookies
  • Apple cinnamon bars; toffee bars; lemon poppy seed squares; chocolate chunk banana brownies
  • Chocolate espresso cake; angel food cake; cinnamon date coffee cake
  • Fruit gazpacho; sour cream apple pie; mango blueberry strudel; baked granola apples
  • Lemon blueberry panna cotta; maple flan with walnuts; mocha ice cream; sunshine lemon mousse.

Each recipe features complete nutritional information as well as information in Exchange Lists for Meal Planning©. The first section of the book provides general information on diabetes and expert advice on its management.

150 Best Diabetes Desserts will be a cherished cookbook for anyone concerned about diabetes.

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