250 Best Meals in a Mug

The craze for microwaving portion-size dishes in a mug is only gaining steam.

Whether you’re dining solo or you’re pressed for time, meals in a mug are the perfect solution. And if you’re living in a dorm, traveling in an RV or eating at the office, they offer a convenient and budget-friendly way to eat delicious and healthy meals.

These individual-portion-sized recipes will take you through morning breakfast to late-afternoon snacks to satisfying suppers with just a quick trip to the microwave, omitting hours of stovetop simmering or baking. Camilla has stripped away all the time-consuming steps, as well as all the artificial ingredients found in boxed meals. Most of these recipes can be created from scratch in less time than it takes to defrost a processed store-bought meal. For example, in just 2 minutes, breakfast gets a boost with a delicious homemade muffin.

And all of the recipes can be prepared in advance for those times when you really need a meal on the run!

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Mar 2014


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