Another 250 Best Muffin Recipes

Esther Brody

Biting into a still warm muffin from the oven, is one of life's simple pleasures! In Esther Brody's first book, The 250 Best Muffin Recipes, she offered up a wealth of recipes that were quick, nutritious, easy to make and most importantly incredibly delicious. Now for all of those people who enjoyed Esther's first set of tantalizing recipes, we bring Another 250 Best Muffin Recipes.

Start your day with a 'Blueberry Breakfast Gem' or have a wonderfully satisfying meal on the run with a 'Meal in a Minute Muffin.' With more than 250 muffin recipes to choose from, Another 250 Best Muffin Recipes offers up a myriad of choices and options. There are recipes created for the microwave like 'Refrigerator Micro-Bran Muffins' and the 'Specially For Kids' chapter is designed for and with children in mind. Not only can kids make these recipes themselves with a little help from mom and dad, but each recipe is sure to appeal. 'Banana Split,' 'Candy Apple' and 'Pizza' muffins are sure to be a hit whether in a lunch box or at the next birthday party. Perfect for busy households, the 'Mix-A-Mix' chapter enables you to prepare batter in advance which can be refrigerated, and then popped into the oven at a later date. Sometimes we all crave something decadent. 'Chocolate Lover's Delight' and 'Fudgey Nut' muffins will certainly satisfy the craving for something sumptuous.

As a delicious alternative to muffins, there are recipes for 'Buffins,' 'Cuffins' and 'Puffins.' What are they you ask? According to Esther: a little bit of biscuit, a little bit of cupcake, a little bit of muffin but a whole lot of delicious! Try these delightful variations of the muffin: 'Banana Nut Cuffins,' 'Chocolate Cream Cheese Cuffins' and 'Potato Cheese Cuffins.'

A perfect addition to anyone's baking library, Another 250 Best Muffin Recipes offers tips and techniques for baking the perfect muffin. Recipe variations, as well as all the information you will ever need to make the perfect muffin is here! You may ask why Another 250 Best Muffin Recipes? The answer: simply because more great recipes are needed for something that everybody loves!

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Oct 2000


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