Baby Food in an Instant Pot: 125 Quick, Simple and Nutritious Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

Short on time and sleep? Need baby food in an instant? Try baby food in an Instant Pot!

As a new mom, it's not always easy to prepare nutritious homemade baby food quickly and easily. The Instant Pot can be life-changing in this respect. The most popular and bestselling kitchen appliance of the last several years, the Instant Pot will be a mother's new best friend and new favorite kitchen sidekick because of how easily it can help to get healthy and delicious food into the mouths of little ones -- even the picky ones.

Bestselling author Marilyn Haugen and leading nutritionist Jennifer House have partnered together to answer the demand of new moms everywhere with loads of nutritional information and 125 balanced recipes for babies and toddlers at every age and stage of development. Recipes include 50 purées, 25 finger foods and 50 family-friendly recipes along with tips on storage times, serving fresh or freezing, and nutritional benefits of individual ingredients. Also included are 50 pages of nutritional information providing parents everything they need to know to ensure their baby's nutrient needs, to prevent choking and handle picky eating, and to work with sample meal plans. The book even includes frequently-asked parent questions with answers from a pediatric dietitian.

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Jul 2020


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