Blender Baby Food, Second Edition

Nicole Young

Making nutritious homemade baby food has never been so easy! Whether you choose to make all your own baby food or just some of it, the blender has proven to be a great way to offer new flavors in a baby-friendly texture.

There are three really great reasons to make your own baby food:

1) You know what’s in it, thereby ensuring healthy and wholesome meals.
2) You can tailor the texture to your baby’s preferences.
3) You can shape your baby’s tastes and help him or her learn what fresh foods taste like.

So forget store-bought baby food and make these delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes. The new edition features 25 new recipes, information on the basics of feeding babies, meal plans and nutritional analysis for each recipe. Recipes are categorized according to age, making it easy and convenient to create recipes that match a baby’s progress. You can feel good knowing you are giving your baby the best nutritional advantage.

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Apr 2011


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