The Complete Brain Exercise Book

Fraser Smith

While most brain exercise books focus on preventing and treating memory loss due to aging and disease, this unique book takes it steps further, covering mental speed, visual-spatial acuity, language acquisition, sensory growth and motor skills.

In addition to helping recover brain function, the exercises will also help prevent the loss of brain function due to aging and neurological disease.

Entertaining and engaging, the Complete Brain Exercise Book features more than 150 brain exercises and puzzles. And because the relationship between brain health and diet is integral, nutrition is front and center, with extensive brain food lists, menu plans and more than 100 recipes.

This rigorous but easy-to-follow program will help your brain stay sharp.

1) Train more than just your memory: exercise all aspects of intelligence for a well-rounded brain.
2) Prevent and repair losses: build up your brain strength.
3) Feed your brain with a healthy diet: 100 delicious and nutritious recipes to support a healthy brain.
4) Have fun and grow at the same time.

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Oct 2015


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