The Complete Homebrew Beer Book

Learn how to brew, ferment, pour and enjoy a great world-class beer.

Believe it or not, making beer at home is as easy as making soup! Once you understand how to create the base, it can then be applied to a myriad of intriguing recipes, such as fruited, spiced and even smoked beers. You’ll also learn how to create satisfying meads, ciders and sodas, all in your own home kitchen.

With easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll quickly understand the flavor components of beer and how to design recipes to suit your taste. There’s also the benefit of knowing exactly what’s in your beer — since you’ll be avoiding all the chemical additives traditionally found in commercial mega-beer. As an added bonus, the recipes are categorized according to their degree of difficulty, so you can create at your own comfort level and pace.

The comprehensive glossary virtually guarantees answers to every question pertaining to ingredients and equipment, and the overall design of the book is user-friendly. It’s like having your very own brew master right in your kitchen.

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Apr 2011


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