The Complete IBS Health & Diet Guide

Approximately 15–20% of the population is affected by the symptoms of IBS.

Living with IBS can be a tremendous challenge, and understanding the disease is the key to developing effective management strategies. This incredibly comprehensive book provides current and concise information on the possible underlying causes, symptoms, clinical features, effective treatments and therapies, including both complementary and non-drug therapies.

The authors also recognize that, although there is no cure for IBS, many options are available to treat the symptoms. One of the most recommended therapies is diet, since symptoms can actually worsen after you eat certain foods. Therefore, a specific diet is imperative for those managing IBS, and dietary changes can reduce symptoms for many people. This book provides a detailed approach to a nutritional plan and suggestions for implementing that plan, as well as information on vitamin and mineral supplements. Also included are lists of foods that are known to aggravate IBS and foods that experts consider to be safe alternatives.

Over 100 delicious recipes, with accompanying nutritional analyses, have been specially created for those managing IBS — everything from breakfasts and snacks to main meal options, including vegetarian and vegan selections. With the reliable
information on IBS and meal plans you’ll find in this book, you’ll learn to manage the condition and regain your sense of well-being.

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Apr 2011


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