Easy Everyday Gluten-Free Cooking

Enjoy all the sensational food that is typically avoided in gluten-free diets.

Let’s face it: two of the worst things about adopting a gluten-free lifestyle are having to give up all your favorite foods and spending loads of extra time in the kitchen. But gluten-free foods don’t have to be plain or unappetizing, and you don’t need to spend hours preparing them. All you need is a well-stocked gluten-free pantry and the sensational recipes found in this book.

These recipes offer numerous ideas for healthy, tasty meals: everything from appetizers and family meals to baked goods and mouth-watering desserts. No more cooking separate meals for a friend or family member who has celiac disease or a wheat allergy — everyone will enjoy this fabulous food. Also included is extremely useful information on maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle, whether you’re just beginning or simply need to check in for a quick reference.

Adopting a gluten-free lifestyle needn’t be a chore — it can fun and surprisingly easy if you have the right recipes and tools. You’ll find all this and more in this wonderful cookbook.

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Sep 2013


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