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When you’re looking to transform your lifestyle, there’s no better place to start than with juicing.

Just one well-timed fresh juice a day can and will change your life. A daily juice provides boundless energy, youthful vibrancy, a slimmer figure, sharper focus and improved health, and prompts a desire to make healthier food choices in general. Juicing isn’t difficult — anyone can do it — and the results are almost immediate.

By following the straightforward guidelines in this book, you will take a huge step toward transforming your health without having to change who you are or how you spend your time. Moreover, you’ll learn how to apply the science of habit creation so that juicing becomes an enjoyable practice you adopt for life rather than a short-term experiment.
This book demystifies juicing and will help you incorporate this regimen into your daily lifestyle.

In addition to the 21-day plan that will get you going on your path to lifelong health and wellness, 100 flavorful fruit and vegetable juices are featured, all bursting with nutrients that will give you the energy to get through your day, whether at home,at work or at play.

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Mar 2016


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