Piece of Cake!

One-bowl cakes are the forgotten gems in the world of home baking — so we’re bringing them back

Many home bakers believe there are only two options for making cakes at home: 1) commercial cake mixes, or 2) complicated, multi-step recipes developed by professional chefs. But there’s another way: one-bowl cakes are all-natural, quick and easy to prepare. They’re as much about what isn’t required as what is:

• you don’t need multiple bowls
• you will not need to cream the fat (e.g., butter,shortening or oil) with the sugar
• you will not need to separate the eggs
• you will not need to alternately add ingredients while simultaneously mixing
• you will not need to use cake flour or any other fancy flour
• you will not need to sift flour
• you do not need to own or use a heavy-duty stand mixer

You’ll be able to create a multitude of cakes everyone loves to eat, from classic layer cakes and Bundt cakes to old-fashioned cakes and modern
innovations. The ever-popular lay-flat concealed wire-o hardcover binding, with full color throughout, makes this book even more convenient.
In addition to the cake recipes, there are over 50 recipes for icings, glazes, syrups and sauces.

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Oct 2011


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