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A collection of recipes that is as versatile as your toaster oven itself.


Toaster ovens are versatile, compact and convenient, doing the job of both a toaster and a full-size oven while using far less space and far less energy. They can do so much more than just toast — they can bake, broil, brown and keep food warm.

This updated edition includes 125 delicious recipes from Linda’s previous book, practical tips, and information on various toaster ovens, and, by popular demand, an all‑new “Basics” section with over 25 easy recipes.

All of the recipes are designed exclusively for toaster ovens and include delicious options for any time of day. Some of the new basics include Deli Tuna Melts, BBQ Meatballs, Vegetable Bean Chili, and Chocolate Chip Muffins. Still featured are old favorites like Salmon Satays and Stuffed Baked Potatoes.

With easy-to-prepare recipes and clear instructions, 150 Best Toaster Oven Recipes is perfect for students, singles and anyone looking to make a delicious meal in their toaster oven.


LINDA STEPHEN is a professionally trained chef whose recipes have appeared in magazines and cookbooks. She ran her own cooking school, Linda’s Country Kitchen, until 2016. Her book 125 Best Toaster Oven Recipes has sold over 15,000 copies.


224 pages • 7" x 10" • Index

16 pages of color photography

ISBN 978-0-7788-0616-5

$19.95 US/$19.95 CA

Publication date: August 2018


Of Note to Media

  • Toaster ovens are capable of making full meals - functioning both a toaster and a full-size oven while using way less space and way less energy
  • Wide-ranging recipes to allow the space and energy-saving toaster over to be used for so much more than just toasting
  • 150 easy and delicious recipes specifically designed for the toaster oven and brand-new “basics” section
  • Perfect for students, singles, and the elderly – all popular markets for the appliance
  • Toaster oven sales are up 80% since 2000; in 2016, approximately 8.1 million toaster ovens were sold across retail channels in the United States
  • 150 recipes including 25+ new market-demanded basic recipes that are easy to prepare, with clear instructions


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