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Answers all the “whys” and “hows” when it comes to baby-led weaning.


Baby-led weaning means starting your baby on real table food from the start (at about 6 months old, depending on your baby) and skipping the purée stage completely. This means offering babies a selection of nutritious finger foods so they feel like they’re joining in on family meals. Baby-led weaning is especially popular with second children and beyond, because they’re so keen to mimic their older siblings.

Baby-led weaning supports a baby’s motor development skills at an earlier age and can lead to healthier eating habits and body weights. Often, finger foods are more nutritious than purées.

Jennifer addresses all the questions hesitant parents may have and provides 125 nutritious recipes that will be enjoyed by baby and the entire family.

Topics include:
• Tips for getting started with baby-led weaning, including signs of readiness
• Information on safe foods and progressing food sizes as your baby develops
• Strategies for dealing with food allergies
• Advice for vegetarian families
• Guidelines for modifying family meals

All the information a parent needs is right here in this indispensable how-to guide.


JENNIFER HOUSE, MSc, RD, has been a registered dietitian for over 14 years and offers in-person and online programs that help her clients make the right choices for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. As a mother of three, she can relate to the many benefits and joys of baby-led weaning. She has launched a very successful baby weaning e-course. Jennifer resides in Calgary, Alberta.


192 pages • 7" x 10" • Index
ISBN 978-0-7788-0579-3
$19.95 / £14.95
Publication date: September 2017


Of Note to Media

  • This book tells you everything you want to know about baby-led weaning
  • What is baby-led weaning? It meals starting your baby on table foods from about six months of age, depending on the baby
  • Babies are offered nutritious finger foods so they can feed themselves
  • This helps them develop motor skills at an earlier stage in their development and can also lead to healthier eating habits and body weights
  • For parents who want to take a baby-led weaning approach, this book provides a complete understanding of the techniques and 125 recipes to implement the program
  • An especially good technique for second and third children because they’re so keen to mimic siblings and parents – a great way to integrate babies into the family meal
  • Book includes health information and 125 recipes + complete information on how baby-led weaning works
  • Jennifer teaches courses on baby-led weaning
  • Jennifer House is a dietitian residing in Calgary, Alberta


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