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Jammin’ Pancake Panini

September 14, 2018

Kids love to cook, so why not involve them in the preparation? Have kids help smear on the cream cheese and jam and layer the sliced banana.

Ingredients Makes 2

4 pancakes (each about 4 to 5 inches/ 10 to 12.5 cm in diameter) 4
1 tbsp butter, melted 15 mL
2 tbsp cream cheese, softened 25 mL
2 tbsp strawberry jam 25 mL
1 banana, sliced 1
2 tbsp liquid honey 25 mL


  • Preheat panini grill to high
  • Cookie cutter of desired shape
  1. Brush one side of each pancake with butter. Place on a work surface, buttered side down, and spread cream cheese over bottom halves. Spread jam over top halves. On bottom halves, evenly layer with banana and drizzle with honey. Cover with top halves and press gently to pack. Using the cookie cutter, cut into desired shape.
  2. Place sandwiches in grill, close the top plate and cook until lightly toasted and grill-marked, 1 to 2 minutes. Serve immediately.
Freshly squeezed orange juice on the side makes this the perfect morning breakfast for the kids.


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