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News from Gluten-Free Experts Donna Washburn & Heather Butt

May 9, 2016

Our favorite bread and gluten-free experts, Donna Washburn and Heather Butt, dropped by to fill us in on what all they've been up to...


"We have had a busy and most interesting winter. A highlight was the Gluten-Free Expo in Vancouver mid-January. We talked non-stop, over the 2 day event, with those with Celiac disease and individuals eliminating gluten from their diets. There were over 10,000 there sampling new products and receiving information. Plan to attend next year. More information can be found at  We recommend it for both new and more seasoned consumers.

Also in Ontario scout out  with 4 different venues later this year. The Canadian Celiac Association is hosting a conference in Newfoundland this June   

Even though we are not actively developing new gluten-free recipes, hardly a week goes by when we don’t hear from someone. Since Christmas we have had fun working with Celiacs from Cyprus, Australia, England and right now a fellow from Mexico.  Recently we assisted a woman who had to be egg free, rice free and soy free. Love the challenge.

We like to hear of your successes, the flours you use and which recipes you try. We love to see photos of your successes as well as the loaves you have problems with. A photo helps us diagnose a problem and work towards correcting it. Recently we received this complement. “Her kids asked her if she was sure the book was for celiac people, because they had never seen one so very good for great normal eating!!” This has always been a goal of ours.

Many of you already know that if you are intolerant of a particular flour or cannot find it in your area, we can help you substitute. Keep your emails coming!

Visit our Facebook page and our website or email us at bread [at] bestbreadrecipes [dot] com (bread [at] bestbreadrecipes [dot] com)."




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