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RawEssence: The Flavor of Our Mission

June 8, 2015


 Eating raw is part of a growing movement that advocates

a cuisine that is eco-friendly, meets all your nutritional needs,

and is immensely satisfying and delicious. 

RawEssence by David Cote & Mathiew Gallant is designed for all those who:

   love to discover new flavors;

   dare to step off the beaten path;

   wish to live a long life;

   are ready to make changes in their lives;

   would like to eat better but don’t know where to begin;

   are striving for optimum health;

   want to make more environmentally friendly choices;

   wish to achieve higher levels of physical performance;

   want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight;

   are gluten-intolerant or not;

   are lactose-intolerant or not;

   are vegetarian or not;

   are learning to prepare food, love to prepare food or don’t like being in the kitchen at all, except to eat.



The promises of the living diet:

   a return to optimal health in a natural way;

   rapid regeneration of tissue;

   heightened mental concentration and renewed creativity;

   deep, restorative sleep;

   clear skin and natural beauty;

   sparkling eyes and undeniable presence;

   healthy weight and a well-proportioned figure;

   a greater zest for life and the desire to push one’s limits;

   a new perspective on life, positive change;

   a direct impact on the economy and environmental health.



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Outstanding recipes originally created for the popular Crudessence restaurants.

This wonderful raw food cookbook is part of the growing movement that advocates a cuisine that is eco-...

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