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Canning / Preserving Tips
Just as it does in baking, higher altitude affects home canning recipes. As elevation - or altitude above sea level - increases, water boils at lower temperatures that are less effective for killing harmful spoilage microorganisms.      Heat processing directions in the Ball/... More »
The Perfect Time for Home Preserving
Yes, it’s that time of year again (well, depending where you live, of course)! Time for home preserving. Making homemade preserves is not difficult, but like many other things, it works best when you have the right tools and some understanding of why certain steps are necessary in the process. If... More »
Peach Passion Fruit Jam
This is a beautiful — bright orange flecked with little black orbs, which crunch delightfully. If you are not a fan of crunch, however, feel free to remove the seeds by straining the passion fruit pulp before combining it with the other ingredients. More »
Pomegranate Jelly
This quick and easy jelly takes advantage of bottled pomegranate juice to save the mess of seeding and juicing whole pomegranates. More »
Classic Icicle Pickles
This is the ideal time for home-preserving! There's a debate on whether the name of these pickles comes from their icicle shape, the cooling effect of the vinegar on the palate or the fact that the cucumbers are layered with ice to make them crisp. Regardless, these pickles are a classic to... More »
Peach, Jalapeño and Mint Salsa
"Where I live in southern Ontario, we're lucky enough to have fabulous peach orchards in the nearby Niagara area. I can never resist buying baskets and baskets of peaches at the market when they're in season. This recipe is a terrific way to capture their fragrant flavor in a savory salsa," says... More »
Create Your Own Root Cellar? Why Not!
Longing to get back to basics and simple living? Hoping to eat more fresh local fruits and veggies all year round? Well, how about creating your very own root cellar? It’s no where near as hard as you may think and root cellars can be a valuable addition to any home food storage system because they... More »
Pear Lime Jam
Light and refreshing, pear and lime make an enchanting jam. More »
Chile & Tomato Chutney (vegan)
Too many things in the oven? Use your slow cooker instead! Serve this fiery chutney with any curry and rice dish that might welcome a hit of spice. More »
Strawberry Jam
A universal favorite, strawberry jam adds marvelous flavor and color to breakfasts, snacks and desserts. While freshly picked, locally grown strawberries produce the best jam, this recipe can be made using imported berries or unsweetened frozen berries. If using frozen berries, thaw them in the... More »
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