Canning & Preserving

Blueberry, Tart Apple and Onion Chutney
"This chutney started out as a small batch of filling for phyllo pastry appetizers, which my husband, Jay, and I love to make for the holidays. We always found ourselves sneaking spoonfuls of the chutney before it made it into the pastry, so we decided to turn it into a big batch to enjoy the rest... More »
Home Canning Essentials
Home canning puts the pleasure of eating natural, delicious produce at your fingertips year-round. Preserving food in mason jars might sound old-fashioned, but it is as modern and practical as the latest health food trend or gourmet creation - and it's really quite simple! Home canners enjoy the... More »
Blackberry Plum Jelly
This dark jelly has a very rich, intense flavor. More »
What Do I Need to Make Soft Spreads?
According to author of 175 Best Jams, Jellies, Marmalades and Soft Spreads, Linda J Amendt, you'll need the following kitchen equipment to make soft spreads: • Colander for draining rinsed fruit• Paring knife and chef’s knife for peeling and chopping fruit• Cutting boards for preparing fruit•... More »
Apricot Almond Jam
A touch of almond really enhances the apricots in this jam. More »
Salsa Jam
This festive jam is a tantalizing treat for anyone who likes a spread with a little zip and zing. To liven up your next appetizer party, spoon this zesty jam over softened goat cheese or cream cheese spread on crackers. More »
Discover the joys of canning and homepreserving...
"In the days before enormous supermarkets, where you can now get almost any ingredient any day of the year, preserving the harvest (during the harvest) was the only way to assure you would have fruits and vegetables to nourish your family through those long months between crops. Agricultural... More »
Apple Cider Jelly
Apple cider creates a jelly with intense apple flavor. Use warmed Apple Cider Jelly as a glaze for apple tarts. More »
Sweet Mango Chutney
Simple flavors complement the rich taste of mango in this all-purpose chutney. More »
7 Great Reasons to Preserve
 The authors of The Best of Bridge Home Preserving, say that home preserving used to be done out of necessity. If you wanted to eat more than root vegetables, cabbage, squash and apples in the winter months, you canned fresh fruits and vegetables in the summer. Now, our homes have freezers,... More »
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