Diabetes: Nature or Nurture?
 Genetic Factors in Blood Sugar Regulation Nature or nurture? For type 2 diabetes, it appears to be a bit of both. There have been tremendous advances in gene research over the past decade, but a singular “diabetes gene” has not been uncovered. Instead, researchers have identified dozens of... More »
Five Things Everyone Should Know About Diabetes
Five Things Everyone Should Know About Diabetes by Sharon Zeiler, diabetes expert and author of 250 Essential Diabetes Recipes 1. Diabetes is a serious chronic disease that affects about one person in 10 in North America — about 35 million people of all ages, and the number is increasing. 2. There... More »
Fruit Crepes (diabetes-friendly)
Just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you can't have a sweet breakfast! Crepes are ideal and similar to thin 
pancakes. Fill them 
with a variety of fillings. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. More »
Tips on Managing Diabetes Over the Holidays
Over the holidays, healthy eating, together with regular activity and, if needed, the use of diabetes medication (oral diabetes pills and/or insulin) are the keys to keeping blood glucose (sugars) in the target range. In  Katherine Younker's Complete Diabetes Cookbook,  The Canadian... More »
Diabetes in Multicultural Communities
In North America, we are lucky to live in culturally rich communities. However, some of these communities have been identified as having a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes or heart disease than the rest of the North American population. Some of these include the South Asian, Chinese,... More »
Bora Beans (diabetes-friendly)
Known as bora beans in Guyana, these long, thin beans are also called bodi beans, Chinese long beans, yard-long beans or asparagus beans in various parts of the world. They take longer to cook than the green beans most North Americans are familiar with, but they are worth it for their unique taste! More »
Diabetes Prevention and Management
Diabetes, one of the most common non-contagious diseases, is a health crisis around the globe. An estimated 366 million people had diabetes in 2011, and the prevalence of diabetes is projected to get much worse. By 2030, it is estimated that 552 million people will have diabetes.   ... More »
Modern Cobb Salad (paleo-friendly, diabetes-friendly)
The Cobb salad was created in 1937 by Bob Cobb, the owner of the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood. Legend has it that Bob was rummaging in the restaurant refrigerator, looking for a midnight snack. He grabbed what was there, threw it all together, and the Cobb salad was born. More »
Brussels Sprout and Celery Root Salad (diabetes-friendly)
People rarely use Brussels sprouts raw, which seems a shame as they have a very delicate flavor. This is a filling salad your guests will rave about! More »
Have Diabetes? Walk for Health
Walk for Health... Karen Graham, diabetes expert and author of Diabetes Meals for Good Health says: "It is very important to keep active. Experts recommend about thirty minutes of exercise a day. For people with diabetes, a minimum of 150 minutes per week is recommended. If half an hour is too long... More »
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