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Are my kids eating enough?
Are my kids eating enough? by Joanne Saab, RD and Daina Kalnins, MSc., RD, authors of Better Food for Kids, Second Edition Many mothers worry that their children are not eating enough.  While this is a concern for many moms throughout the growing years it is particularly true during the... More »
Double Lemon Cake in a Mug
Heaps of citrus zing, minimal ingredients, delicious, ready in minutes — what more could you want from a lemon cake? More »
GORP with a Twist
 Heading out for a long hike this summer? Going camping? This ought to keep you going!Makes about 3 1⁄2 cups (875 mL)" 'Good Old Raisins and Peanuts' has come a long way since we were kids. Combine as many dried fruits and nuts as you like to get your favorite combination, and pack... More »
Food for Those On The Go!
 Heading out on a camping trip this summer? With a little advance planning, making your own camp food is really easy. There are many packaged products on the market, and you can buy a wide array of ready-mixed dried foods at outdoor stores. Of course, the quality varies greatly between brands... More »
Gluten-Free, Vegan Vichyssoise with Celery Root and Watercress
This refreshing and rejuvenating soup is delicious, easy to make, and more nutritious than traditional vichyssoise. We aim to have leftovers in the refrigerator and treat ourselves to a small bowl for a yummy afternoon snack! More »
Celeriac and Seeds Salad with Maple Foam
Everyone can enjoy a vegetarian dish no matter what the occasion! Take your summer salads to an entirely new level with this unique and healthy recipe. More »
Citrus Bars (gluten-free)
Lemon, lime and orange provide a tasty tang in these chewy coconut squares. More »
GF Sour Cream Peach Muffins
Sour cream and peaches in tender muffin form? And, they're gluten-free? Oh, yes. You can make these year-round using frozen peaches, says Camilla Saulsbury, author of 150 Best Gluten-Free Muffin Recipes. More »
Tips For Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet
Do you want to eat better? Do you want to leave a smaller 'footprint' and help contribute to a better world? How about eating raw? Transitioning to a raw food diet can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Here are some quick and easy tips from Chef Douglas McNish, author of Eat Raw, Eat Well, to get... More »
How Do I Get My Family More Interested in Food?
Get Everyone Talking About Food!Stir up enthusiasm for mealtime by having interesting discussions about food and cooking. Here are some conversation starters: • What are your favorite foods? Why? • What foods do you dislike? Why? • What different tastes can your tongue distinguish? There are only... More »
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