International Cooking

Tumbled Tofu with Snow Peas and Toasted Walnuts
Coating tofu cubes 
in cornstarch before browning them creates a light golden, slightly crispy crust, a pleasing contrast to the mellow interior of each cube. This recipe produces 
lots of zesty sauce, so plan to serve it over 
a healthy rice or noodle. More »
Vegan French Herbed Strada
Delicate herbs of the French countryside come together to create a sophisticated and light-as-a-feather strata well-suited for a Spring brunch. More »
Big Cool Noodle Bowl with Roast Chicken, Cucumbers and Mint
This recipe is a pattern for innumerable delicious variations on the meal-in-a-bowl known in Vietnam as bun. You can compose a go-to version using ready-to-savor ingredients, such as chunks of rotisserie chicken, roast duck from an Asian market or tender slices of grilled flank steak from yesterday... More »
Red Pepper Fettuccini (vegan)
This is a great weeknight Italian dinner recipe that makes even better leftovers. The peppers add sweetness while the cashews create the most luxurious, creamy sauce. 100% vegan! 100% guaranteed to wow your family and friends! More »
Baked Ravioli (slow cooker)
When there’s no time to layer lasagna, a bag of ravioli will come close to the real thing. Spend 5 minutes early in the afternoon and you’ll be rewarded with a hearty feast at dinnertime. More »
All-Time Favorite Macaroni and Cheese (electric pressure cooker)
My oh my, how we love our mac and cheese. We loved it as children, survived college on it, served it to our smiling children and even “adulted” it with variations galore. Now it’s time to pressurize this favorite to pure perfection. To make it even more delightful — if that’s possible — we’ve... More »
Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup
This shortcut version of pho, Vietnam’s beloved comfort food, comes together quickly for a satisfying bowl of goodness. Use Thai basil, if it is available, for a more authentic flavor. More »
Thin Wheat Noodles Stir-Fried with Mixed Peppers, Soya and Ginger
This is a simple and satisfying vegetarian combination of sweet peppers and Asian spices. Try adding a small handful of your favorite herbs along with the soya sauce and serve with extra soya and some hot sauce at the table. More »
Chicken Paprikash (diabetes-friendly)
Our revamped recipe uses less flour. Serve it over a bed of lentils and greens instead of the typical pasta or rice to keep carbs curbed even further. Who says you can't have healthy comfort food? More »
Helpful Hints for Thai Cooking + Recipe for Curry Noodles with Vegetables
 Wok vs. frying pan: no contest. Thai food is best prepared in a wok, say authors of Simply Thai, 3rd Edition, Wandee Young & Byron Ayanoglu. They have, however, allowed for a frying pan to be used instead, as long as the cook is prepared to face an important difference: the frying pan has... More »
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