International Cooking

Thai Cooking Tips
Food is a significant part of everyday life in Thailand. People are always snacking. Traditional Thai meals at home are generally informal, simple and practical. They may consist of a single dish, such as bowl of noodles or rice, or several dishes, but all are carefully prepared and look as good as... More »
Cinco de Mayo Recipes
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with: Tex-Mex Spinach Dip, Chipotle Beef w/Fresh Tomato Salsa, Chicken con Queso ~ from Triple Slow Cooker Entertaining by Kathy Moore & Roxanne Wyss  Tex-Mex Spinach Dip Makes about 4 cups (1 L) This all-time favorite is so simple, yet it tastes just like the dip... More »
Simple St Paddy's Day Recipes!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Even if you're not Irish, you can still celebrate with some wonderful Irish recipes such as: Irish Chocolate Tapioca Pudding (Sensational Slow Cooker Gourmet), Irish Freckle Bread (300 Best Bread Machine Recipes), Tea Brack Muffins (750 Best Muffin Recipes), Irish Beef Stew... More »
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