International Cooking

Pomegranate Margarita
Fresh pomegranate juice layered with citrusy orange and lime creates the perfect balance in this special margarita from the author of 300 Best Taco Recipes, Kelley Cleary Coffeen. Wouldn't this be a wonderful treat for your New Years guests! More »
Virgin Piña Colada
Perfect for New Year's Eve and entertaining, pineapple and coconut pair up in a frozen mocktail that will bring a smile to the face of your guests while supporting healthy bones, teeth and gums ( one has to know the part healthy part!). More »
Old World Salsa
This salsa is a favorite to serve any time of year. It's perfect for holiday gatherings, the big game, and everyday snacking. The gang will eat it up in no time! Vegan friendly. More »
Cauliflower Nigiri Sushi (raw)
This makes for a wonderfully different and incredibly healthy appetizer! More »
Tips on pairing wines with spices...
MUCH HAS BEEN written on the principles of matching wine and food, and although the principles of matching are universally agreed upon, when it comes to spices there is often a misconception that wine does not go with spicy food and that the most appropriate beverage to accompany spicy meals is... More »
Crispy Spring Rolls with Sweet and Hot Garlic Sauce
You are in for a bit of work when you make these spring rolls, as you will need to stir-fry the noodle filling, shape the rolls and then deep-fry them shortly before serving. Believe me when I tell you that they are worth every bit of the effort and are worlds better than the ho-hum spring rolls... More »
Leek Risotto
Serve this simple risotto as an accompaniment to a meat course, such as plain roast chicken or grilled veal chops. When accompanied by a tossed green salad and some crusty rolls, it makes a wonderful holiday main or side dish. More »
Apricot Pecan Rugelach
These cookies, which are Jewish in origin, are a traditional favorite during the holiday season. More »
Butter Chicken with Spiced Cashews
For this butter chicken, Chandra Ram cut down the amount of cream, so it isn’t as heavy, and added some—not traditional but highly recommended—puréed chipotle chiles in adobo sauce for a deeper, more complex, smokier flavor. SO good. More »
One of the most important parts of bread baking is the proofing process, which you can do in an Instant Pot using the Yogurt function. The dough rises in less time than usual, making a flatbread like naan something you can pull off even on a weeknight. Searing the naan with ghee in a super-hot pan... More »
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