International Cooking

Matar with Feta (vegetarian, gluten-free)
Traditional matar paneer—or peas and cheese, as we called it growing up—has a dark, rich tomato gravy and cubes of paneer amid a bowl of stewed peas. Think of this dish as traditional matar paneer’s cousin who spent a summer backpacking through Greece. More »
Salsa Lime Chicken Rollups
These delicate chicken rollups have just the right amount of zesty salsa and lime to make them delightful, but when wrapped around melted mozzarella, they truly rise to new heights. More »
Root Vegetable Ratatouille
Ratatouille is a traditional French Provençal dish that is commonly served as a light summertime dish. But with something so delicious, why stop there? With this easy to make version, you can continue to make this delightful dish all year long with fresh root vegetables. More »
Colombian Vegetable Soup
Soup is very popular in Colombia, and this is one of the most famous soups from the mountainous regions of the country. Think of it as a vegetable soup with a kick! More »
Mediterranean Lentil Salad
While we like to serve this divine lentil salad as a side dish, it would definitely work as a main course for vegetarians and anyone looking for a new idea for meatless Mondays. More »
Speedy Beef Stir-Fry with Chunky Vegetables
Make this dish when you want something healthy and hearty in a hurry. You’ll need to do a few tasks — chopping the garlic and ginger and slicing the meat — but the baby corn, water chestnuts and peas need no attention beyond measuring. With rice or noodles, it’s a lively one-dish meal, perfect for... More »
Short Ribs with Orange Gremolata
These delicious Italian-inspired ribs are classy enough for the most discriminating guest yet homey enough for a family dinner. Serve with creamy polenta and steamed broccoli spears or rapini for a scrumptious meal. More »
Beef Goulash
What’s not to love! It's super-easy and incredibly delicious! Serve with buttered noodles. The whole family will ask for this recipe again and again... More »
Beef & Wild Mushrooms in Stout with Champ
In Belgium and France they would call this rich beef stew cooked in beer a carbonnade. It would probably be accompanied by good crusty bread and butter. Kathleen's Irish roots demand mashed potatoes with green onions and butter, and that's called champ. Perfect for an easy and delicious weeknight... More »
Szechuan Beef with Broccoli
Here’s a delicious way to use leftover rare beef. More »
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