Alexandra Anca

Alexandra Anca is a registered dietitian and nutritional consultant with expertise in Gastroenterology, Weight Management, Women's Health Issues, Hypertension, High Cholestereol, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis. An active public speaker and media contributor, Alexandra has appeared on: Life Network’s Diagnosis MD; CBC Radio: Fit for Life; Modern Women magazine; Homemaker’s magazine.

Alexandra obtained a masters degree in health sciences, specializing in community nutrition from the University of Toronto, and holds an honors bachelor of science in nutritional science, has been closely researching celiac disease, and is the principal researcher of the Canadian Celiac Association’s “Pocket Dictionary” a reference guide for the acceptability of foods and ingredients in the gluten-free diet. She is an Advisor to the Professional Advisory Board and nutrition advisor to the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association.

Books by Alexandra Anca