Camilla Wynne

Camilla Wynne is a writer, home preserving teacher, and the founder of Preservation Society, a small batch preserves company based in Montreal. She has been a pastry professional for over a decade and is one of Canada's only Master Preservers.

After graduating from pastry school she cut her teeth in some of Montreal's best restaurants, including Les Chevres and Laloux, all the while running the pastry half of Backroom Records & Pastries, and touring and recording with rock band Sunset Rubdown. When the band broke up she decided to concentrate on producing her own line of preserves, which had already garnered a following.

Not content to produce garden-variety jams and pickles, Camilla instead favours products that tell a story or illicit a memory and are often, though not intentionally, inspired by cocktails.

Her first book, Les conserves selon Camilla, was released in 2013. She has contributed recipes to numerous publications, including The Globe & Mail, Lost in the Supermarket: An Indie Rock Cookbook, and Le miel: l'art des abeilles, l'or de la ruche. Camilla resides in Montreal, QC.

Books by Camilla Wynne