Christophe Adam

A Christophe Adam biography can not be anything but a succession of moments of passionate gourmet and discovery. If it seems inspired from the age of 16 by baking, Christophe has not provided rested on its laurels and his portrait is that of a discreet conqueror who has the wind behind yet released any costs school, he made his lines to the bakery Legrand in Quimper, in his native Cornwall. Two years later, it's off to London in the studio of renowned Gavroche, the first institution outside borders that can boast of displaying its 3 Michelin stars.

Then he makes the pastry with the Roux brothers. Two years later, Christophe Felder opened the doors of the Crillon, offering him to develop his sense of luxury through exceptional creations. He worked three years with Laurent Jeanin before leaving again abroad to take a primary position at Beaurivage Palace Lausanne. December 1996 is the return to Paris and entered Fauchon, alongside Sébastien Gaudard and Philip Frost just before the departure of Pierre Hermé.

In 2004, the redemption Fauchon by Michel Ducros. It is at the base of chic snacking with the opening of Fauchon bakery in 2007. It borders the openings of Fauchon costs in Monaco, Bordeaux, New York, Moscow, Beijing, Dubai, Tokyo, Casablanca, for over 10 years . After working for 15 years as Creative Director Christophe ADAM left Fauchon to focus on large projects and allow their creativity to express themselves on new themes: bespoke creations, consulting for larger homes, opening its own stores ...

We know of course its legendary creations and his taste for the classics revisited in new versions for the palate and magical eye: rum babas, lightning, black forest sandwich club and especially lightning. It is also the origin of books that showcases his work published by La Martinière: The Flashes, The Tarts, VIP, The lightning of genius, and the latest Caramel ....

Since 2010, he has made us discover his new passion: the sweet snacking that he offers exclusively at ADAM'S, of which he opened 1 shop on Paris 1st. Christophe with a thirst for entrepreneurship, has also opened a new pastry concept in 2012, L'ECLAIR DE GENIE, where there is a large collection of lightning, chocolate candies and a whole range of fresh groceries Around the the center of Paris. Today it has 9 Parisian boutiques, 6 boutiques in Japan, 5 in Hong Kong, 2 in Milan, and 1 in Moscow. Christophe will be opening a boutique in Vancouver, BC in 2017.

Books by Christophe Adam