Doug Cook

Doug Cook is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritional Consultant with over 14 years of experience in a wide range of settings serving diverse needs. He has a mixed bag with respect to his practice ranging from clinical nutrition at St Michael’s Hospital, St Joseph’s Health Centre and The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, to writing for the public, patients and other health professionals, program development, private practice and has had a variety of experience in media including TV, radio and print.

For four years Doug served as the nutrition expert for the Ontario Ministry of Health’s former website Healthy Ontario, and, for seven years, wrote a popular column in the Toronto Star and Hamilton Spectator called The Vice Squad, wherein he helped readers cut through the hype by deconstructing the marketing claims of various food products. He also wrote a well-received column in the Medical Post called Food as Medicine and co-authored the book Nutrition for Canadians for Dummies (Wiley, 2008).

Doug is very passionate about nutrition and believes that a diet based on nutrient-dense, whole foods can go a long way in truly healing and restoring health. He practices an integrative and holistic approach to nutritional counselling providing evidenced-based guidance with the judicious use of natural health products where appropriate.

Not being satisfied with blindly toeing the party line, Doug prefers to challenge long-standing conventional wisdom, by considering other points of view -- even if unpopular -- and by delving into the generally accepted assumptions of professionals in order to learn for himself and to provide a more balanced view.

Born and raised in Toronto, Doug loves to cook and tend to his vegetable garden, and keeps fit via spinning, weight training and, more recently, TRX and Gravity classes. Doug resides in Toronto, ON.

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