Karen Graham

Karen Graham is a well-known Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. She has been a published nutrition author for over 20 years. Collectively her award-winning books have sold over a quarter of a million copies. As an author, Karen’s books are easy-to-read and practical, contain accurate information, and are beautiful and inspiring!

Karen worked as a diabetes educator for almost 30 years in Manitoba, and has counseled more than 5,000 people to lose weight and live a healthy life with diabetes. Karen has also worked as a renal dietitian in British Columbia helping people better manage their kidney disease. Across Canada, she is a sought-after public speaker and is known for her entertaining and educational talks. She has done nutrition consulting projects for health organizations across Canada and has done nutrition volunteer work in Europe and Turkey. Karen now works as a Public Health Dietitian in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Karen has partnered with co-author, Dr. Mansur Shomali, on the Robert Rose diabetes Health & Wellness Series.

Books by Karen Graham