Maya Klein

Maya Klein’s passion for food has brought her to recipe development and cooking instruction, a departure from her professional training as an economist. Her Japanese and Czech heritage are reflected in her flexibility and innovation; the wide difference between these cuisines has facilitated her stretch outside of conventional foodways.

Dr. Klein’s recipes are ingredient-focused, incorporating distinctive elements and diverse cooking techniques to make the most delicious dish possible from each food. Her own restrictions from wheat and cow’s milk have led to extensive experimentation and a better understanding of the roles of the components of food in building texture and flavor.

Maya’s culinary work includes recipe testing and development to teach in her classes, for commercial clients, and for numerous cookbooks, including The Joy of Cooking and eight books as assistant to Alice Medrich. She is co-author with Alice Medrich of James Beard Award-winner Flavor Flours.

Maya lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Steve. She delights in visits from her sons.

Books by Maya Klein