Rebecca Coleman

Rebecca Coleman is a passionate foodie from Vancouver, BC, Canada, where she lives just steps from the Pacific Ocean. She loves all things local, seasonal and sustainable, and is a frequent visitor to her local Farmer’s Markets and nearby farms in search of inspiraton.

For the past few years, Rebecca has been writing Cooking by Laptop, a food blog that focusses on recipes and her love of culinary exploration. She lives in a constant state of wanderlust, always planning her next trip, and where she’ll eat while she’s there.

Rebecca loves social media, and leads a very active life online, while teaching courses in Social Media Marketing at local universities.

She has a teenage son, Michael, with whom she loves to travel and eat with. In her spare time, you’ll find her riding her bike around Stanley Park as fast as she can, or in the kitchen creating recipes, and then photographing them. She loves: a good shiraz, donuts, coffee, yoga, her friends, and her iPhone.

Find her online on all social platforms @rebeccacoleman.

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