Yvonne Tremblay

Yvonne Tremblay is a recipe developer for major food companies and food marketing groups; a reviewer and editor for recipe web sites; a cooking demonstrator/presenter at consumer shows; a fundraiser, a trainer for in-store demonstrations/sampling; a national and local television spokesperson/food and nutrition expert; a food stylist; a food writer and former associate food editor for Homemaker’s magazine; and finally, a food consultant/stylist for the national Recipes Plus calendar (four years running).

Yvonne has over 125 appearances on local and national television for various food clients as well as her own cookbooks. She garnered the title of Grand Champion four times at The Royal Winter Fair, an annual jam and jelly competition in Toronto said: “Yvonne’s expertise in the art and science of preserving is an admirable combination of creativity, accuracy and good taste.” Yvonne appeared with Martha Stewart, judging the best of the Royal preserves, on Martha’s US program, as well as Home and Garden television in Canada. She has made three things she hears most often from people are: “You’re making me hungry.” “It’s delicious!” and “Can I get the recipe?” Yvonne lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Books by Yvonne Tremblay