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Maxine Chuck

Maxine Effenson Chuck is a senior development editor at Pearson Education in Boston, MA. She edits eTexts and online content that teach preservice and inservice teachers how to teach preschool to...

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Maya Klein

Maya Klein’s passion for food has brought her to recipe development and cooking instruction, a departure from her professional training as an economist. Her Japanese and Czech heritage are...

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Melanie Wenzel

Melanie Wenzel lives in Germany, where she practices classical homeopathy. She regularly appears as a homeopathic expert on television and radio, where she shares tips on gentle and natural...

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Meredith Deeds

Meredith Deeds culinary career started at a young age in her mother’s restaurant in San Diego where she was put to work in every department from dishwashing to cooking. That experience cemented a...

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Michael Okun

Michael S. Okun received his M.D. with honors from the University of Florida. He was fellowship trained by Mahlon DeLong, Jerrold Vitek and Ray Watts at Emory University in Atlanta GA before...

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