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Chunky Chutney
The authors of Fermentation Revolution have long debated the importance of fermentation in this recipe, because chutney can also be eaten fresh. But because it gets better with time, why not make it a lactofermentation and enjoy the fruits of probiotics? One essential thing they both agree on: this... More »
Hot, Hot, Hot Tomato Salsa
As the name says, this salsa has lots of heat: slow, deep heat from the dried chile peppers and fresh, zingy heat from two varieties of fresh hot peppers. Be sure to label this with flames when storing and serving it so you don't get it confused - it's not for the meek. More »
Preservation Society Fruit Cocktail
Fruit cocktail is such a beautiful idea — almost dessert in a jar — but the version we all grew up on is pretty sad. One summer, walking through the market to choose fruit for the evening’s canning class, Camilla Wynne was overwhelmed by choice and decided to make her own version. Open a jar,... More »
Peacharita Jam
A peachy twist on a classic cocktail creates a fun and fanciful jam! More »
Honey-Spiced Peaches
These zesty peaches add a burst of spicy fruit flavor to any oatmeal or bran muffin mix. Add about 1 cup (250 mL) drained, coarsely chopped peaches to the batter just before baking. More »