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Vegan recipes that actually taste great!

January 2, 2019

THERE IS LITTLE DOUBT that over the past few decades the natural foods landscape has grown dramatically. According to the authors of 125 Best Vegan Recipes, Maxine Effenson Chuck and Beth Gurney, a wide range of nuts and whole grains, dairy-free milk substitutes and foods such as tofu and other soy products, which were previously difficult to find, are now commonly available in supermarkets.

As a natural source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, fruits and vegetables remain a fundamental building block upon which vegan food choices can be based. They are low in calories and fat and contain phytochemicals and antioxidants, which appear to be beneficial in preventing disease.

Nowadays, vegans have ready access to many nutrient-rich foods, which makes veganism a potentially healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists tell us we should eat a balanced diet containing as many nutrients as possible. In other words, variety is one cornerstone of sound nutrition. From a vegan perspective, that means choosing a wide spectrum of whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes, as well as fruits and vegetables.

To ensure that your diet emphasizes nutrient-rich foods and is varied enough to ensure balance, you should research vegan nutrition by checking various vegan websites and reading about veganism. There is no better guide to a healthy life than knowledge, so be proactive, engage in the pursuit of self-knowledge and keep an open mind.

When we set out to write this book, we wanted to make sure we were creating recipes that would meet the needs of today’s busy families. As mothers, we understand that life is exceedingly hectic. Because we are constantly juggling the needs of kids, husbands, pets and jobs, we don’t have time to spend hours over the stove as past generations of mothers were able to do.

Our main objective is to prepare meals that are relatively simple yet nutritionally sound that our kids will enjoy and — with luck — request again. In our experience, vegan cookbooks are often filled with recipes that contain hard-to-find ingredients or that require involved, time-consuming preparation.

In contrast, our family-friendly recipes use readily available ingredients and are relatively quick and easy to prepare. They provide a well-balanced selection of classic recipes that we have adapted to veganism, as well as many international dishes that reflect today’s increasingly multicultural world.

Whether you are single, partnered or married, or have children, you should be able to find recipes that appeal to you in this book. We hope you enjoy the book and that it becomes an indispensable part of planning your meals. Most importantly, enjoy the food and the experience of creating it!



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