150 Best Indian, Asian, Caribbean and More Diabetes Recipes

Sobia Khan

An internationally inspired cookbook for anyone managing diabetes.

This cookbook has huge appeal for two primary consumers: 1) high-risk individuals from an ethnic background who want to continue to prepare healthier versions of their traditional meals; and 2) anyone with diabetes who loves ethnic cuisine. In either case, this book offers diabetic-friendly options for some of their favorite recipes.

All of the recipes have been specifically created for those managing diabetes, yet they still very much retain the taste and appearance of traditional ethnic dishes. The recipes have been developed by a registered dietitian and chefs from a well-known culinary school, so exceptional flavor and nutrition are guaranteed. Most of the recipes can be made in under 20 minutes, and each recipe has a complete nutritional analysis and handy tips.

The recipes are organized according to region, making it easy to find the recipes you’re looking for. Those unfamiliar with certain ingredients will find the Multicultural Pantry List indispensable, as it will help you understand the cuisines and stock up on the essentials, making meal preparation a breeze.

This book proves that you can enjoy traditional foods and manage your diabetes at the same time

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Oct 2014


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