The 150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes, Second Edition

Enjoy old standards and new classics in this revised and updated edition, plus more photos!

The first edition of The 150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes has 425,000 copies in print and has been an outstanding success. A lot has changed since then, from our tastes and interests in healthier food to a much wider range of slow cookers, so we decided to revisit this bestseller. The result is a sensational slow cooker book that reflects today’s home cook.

This updated and revised edition features nearly 100 of your original favorites, plus an additional 75 new recipes that have been carefully sourced and selected by the author from some of her previous bestsellers. It means more fish, seafood and vegetarian favorites, as well as more whole-grain offerings. And in a nod to the slow cooker’s humble beginnings, we’ve added more than a dozen sumptuous and tantalizing chili recipes, since nothing compares to chili prepared in a slow cooker. Every chapter has been revisited, updated and expanded.

Judith Finlayson is a bestselling cookbook author and journalist whose slow cooker books have sold over 750,000 copies.

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Oct 2011


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