175 Best Air Fryer Recipes

Fantastic fried taste and texture with less oil — an air fryer can brown foods with up to 80% less fat.

Air-frying is an innovative cooking method that is much healthier than traditional frying methods because, although it produces crispy and tasty results, it uses very little oil. Enjoy all the flavor and texture of fried foods without the calories! Although they are called air fryers, they also roast and bake, making them an indispensable kitchen appliance.

Camilla brings her extensive recipe development skills to this cookbook and has created recipes exclusively designed for and guaranteed to perform in an air fryer. There are recipes for every meal of the day, and she hasn’t forgotten to devote an entire chapter to all-time fried favourites.

By cooking with circulated superheated hot air, you’ll create an amazing variety of recipes — from classics to modern-day favorites. From Classic French Fries and Beer-Battered Fried Fish to Buttermilk Fried Chicken, you’ll get all the fantastic flavor without the fat. Imagine being able to enjoy Old-Fashioned Cake Donuts and Coconut Shrimp without the guilt! Not to mention being able to indulge in desserts like Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Cake and Bananas Foster.

Camilla also offers up expert advice on an air fryer pantry list, what to look for when buying an air fryer and best practices and guidelines for success, making this the definitive cookbook for air frying.

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